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Find the emotional support you need when living abroad. We assists expats and partners. 
We offer 'on topic' conversations with (local) professionals who have been in your position.  
We will guide you through your time abroad from beginning to end. 
It's about working internationally, redefining your identity and decision making. All within the context of living abroad. 


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We are here to make it easier  

  • We help you making confident choices for you and with your loved ones. 

​     We believe that if you start living abroad with an open mind and are prepared for the good and the bad that        lies ahead, you can make the most of your move. 

  • We offer personal advice, development and knowledge. 


  • Our professionals are based all over the world


  • We speak Dutch, English, Spanish, German and much more. 

  • With us you choose the professional you need whenever you need them

Meet the team

Together we have heaps of experience and knowledge. 

With us you choose the professional you need whenever you need them.  


  • When you need personal support choose our specialised psychologist.

  • When your spouse needs to look for a job you choose a career specialist in your new home country.

  • When you your kids don't sleep or you have questions about how to approach the bilingual upbringing. 

  • When you need to change your behaviour and feel you need strong guidance to reach your goals.

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Katharina_vonKnobloch_Women Living Abroa

Katharina von Knobloch  | Expat Coach & Global Mobility Consultant

Gabriela Encina 
Psychologist | Counseling for Women Abroad 

Ella Hanzon | Owner Women Living Abroad

& Global Mobility Consultant

Colette van Boxtel  | International Business Coach & Owner Women Living Abroad


Rianna Hijlkema |Fertility | Post Partum | Education | Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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François de Neuville | High Performance Coach | Certified Wildfit Coach


These eye openers are the

reason we do what we do:


  • Partners have a huge impact on succesfull immigration and are often forgotten in the process. Global surveys show that 87% of failures are through partner or family NOT settling.


  •  More than 90% of the world's 247 million cross-border migrants moved voluntarily, usually for economic reasons (McKinsey & Company 2016).

  • It will take you at least 6 months after relocation to feel back on your feet again. Trust on this number and take your time.  

  • Only 25% of all expats sent by companies are female. This number is increasing slowly. 

  • Not surprisingly, the majority of expat partners are 75%  female and 25% male
    (statistics of BGRS in 2016). 

  • The survey of InterNations in 2018 stated that  45% of expat partners have children. 

Here's something you might find interesting.

Why you should never stop dreaming


Have you ever dreamed of starting a business with your best friend? We did it and can highly recommend it.


Our story is about three things: a personal experience, a vision, and a drive.

You might say that the vision began when Colette started living in New Zealand with her young family. ‘I was living “the expat dream,” but internally I was struggling’.


Despite heaps of information online, no one offered a one-stop-shop regarding living abroad in a way that appealed to her.

Ella went through the same and struggled for many years herself, living abroad in Canada. “To thrive and survive in another country it would have been easier if I had a better idea of what the journey would look like".

Together we set realistic expectations and navigated the challenges patiently. We explored our passions and set clear goals

From there, the drive manifested itself almost naturally. What started as a passion project grew into a start-up. Women Living Abroad is born. 

We want to make it easier for ambitious women and their loved ones to live abroad. We are here to help you develop yourself and support the success of your adventure abroad.



Colette & Ella


ps. Are you curious about our next steps? 



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