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  • We guide companies, female expats and their partners.

  • There are quite a few things that people generally don't talk about when living abroad. We believe that if you're going into it with an open mind and are prepared for the good and the bad that lies ahead, you can make the most of your move. 


  • We help you in making confident choices for you and your loved ones. 

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reason we do what we do:


  • Partners have a huge impact on succesfull immigration and are often forgotten in the process. Global surveys show that 87% of failures are through partner or family NOT settling.


  •  More than 90% of the world's 247 million cross-border migrants moved voluntary, usually for economic reasons (McKinsey & Company 2016).

  • It will take you at least 6 months after relocation to feel back on your feet again. Trust on this number and take your time.  

  • Only 25% of all expats sent by companies are female. This number is increasing slowly. 

  • Not surprisingly, the majority of expat partners are   75%  female and 25% is male (statistics of BGRS in 2016). 

  • The survey of InterNations in 2018 stated that  45% of expat partners have children. 


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With knowledge, commitment, guidance, and intuition, we help you discover your path.

How do we make it more easier and more smooth for you?

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  • Confidence to  make your own decisions in your international (work) life.  

  • Support during important moments.


  • Meaningful and correct information regarding immigration topics.  

  • Knowledge about topics that will influence emotional health of you and your loved ones. 

  • Simple strategies for bridging cultural gaps.



  • We will explain the whole immigration process from start to end.  

  • We share our experiences to help you choose your own path.  

  • We will fill in all the information gaps to make living abroad less of a bumpy road.  

  • We are your back up and will make you feel comfortable.    

  • We are here for your loved ones too.  

  • Time is precious. We will save you time.

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Online course -


living abroad


Enrollment re-opens in 2021

The living abroad challenge is a set of 10 actionable challenges, motivators and insights, presented over 10 days time to help you jump start your journey to live abroad!


Each day we put together an exercise designed to help you: 

  1. Finally start your living abroad journey. How does the relocation decision making process works?

  2. Pack and prepare for your trip abroad.

  3. How do you manage the challenges of relocating to another country. 

  4. How much will change your life because of relocation.

  5. Get insights in limiting and contributing factors relating to your career progression.

  6. Coping with career demands to achieve desirable outcomes: reworking your career goals.

  7. Balance between personal, family, and career activities

  8. How to find support  in settling down 

  9. Find involvement in the local community

  10. Find out about all the emotions that you have to deal with.

And much, much more.... Are you ready to take the living abroad challenge?

We want to make it easier for women and their loved ones to live abroad.

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