Your relocation

adventure is safe

in our hands.

Living abroad is a lifetime experience and will become part of your identity. It has a huge impact on the lives of your employees or co-workers and is highly underestimated. 


Own experience

From our own experience we can tell it’s vital to offer support throughout the entire relocation process. We show you all the steps in the process and guide you through it.  


Global mobility

We believe that people will work worldwide eventually. We support companies to make global mobility more successful in the future. We work with companies that are looking for the right people for the right jobs and are willing to recruit beyond borders. 

Good to know:

  • We support HR-departments and professional women directly.

  • We are involved in both ends of the process for an ongoing dialogue.

  • We make sure the whole working abroad experience adds value. 



You can hire us or you can ask your company to hire us. We always start with a good conversation. Let's talk and we will take it from there. 

Four reasons

to invest in your people:

Recruit beyond borders

Companies are looking for the right people for the right jobs and are willing to recruit beyond borders. Demographic shifts are still a key factor for the future of work. Research reveales that organisations see their talent strategy as an increasingly important component in a globally mobile workforce.


Ongoing dialogue

We take care of your people. There’s no ongoing dialogue during the secondment. Only 18% of the spouses received employer-provided career assistance. (Cole, N.D. 2011) We have this covered for you.


Attracting women

Gender and diversity statistics show that female employees are usually under-represented in the global mobility community. So far many industries didn't succeed in attracting and retaining women.


Role models

A lack of female role models is a reason for declining an assignment. We want to help creating more role models!

We want to make it easier for women and their loved ones to live abroad.

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