Why you should never stop dreaming

We don’t have a dream business but a business dream.

These are the things that drive us and make us do our work with a smile on our face.

We will explain our business dreams to you.

1. Why does everybody want to be a life coach these days?

We never realised what an impact a good mentor can have on your everyday life. Especially living abroad when your family and friends are not around the corner.

People who do coaching are very empathetic individuals. They want to help. That is a big reason why they choose the path to become one. The professionals we selected for Women Living Abroad want to help you work through a problem or question. [They are not your emotional punching bag.]

What we are trying to say is that we like a practical approach with clear deliverables to get you to the next step in your living abroad journey.

We are here to help you develop yourself and support the successof your adventure abroad.

We can coach on any location and in any language. Which makes you feel comfortable and safe.

1. Our next business dream:

Get more coaches and professional involved from all over the world so we can offer our clients a variety of specialists.

2. What you didn’t know about living abroad you will learn in our magazine.

Time is precious. That is why we want to avoid wasting your time with odd e-mail marketing. Because we will forever love magazines, we want to develop one.

Despite living in an age where print media is ‘dying out’ and publications are turning to digital- there’s something we’ll always cherish about flicking through the pages of exciting interviews, discovering something new and folding dog-eared pages to remember to take note of something later.

Online is brilliant and has offered us endless opportunities but print still has it.

In order to live abroad and make the most out of it we need to educate ourselves on the things that truly matter.

Learn about mental health, goal setting, personal finance, networking, happiness and much more in the context of living abroad.

2. Our next business dream:

Create a magazine that’s available in every kiosk in every airport.

3. Why every business should collaborate with a university.

Smart people go to university and we like to collaborate for success. To do that we need to collaborate with knowledgeable people.

We are doing research together with the University of Lincoln and we are highly involved.

We help with the input and are working on important topics for Women Living Abroad. We think it is important to have scientific-based input for our programmes and products and have the right information we can base our topics and resources on.

In return we offer our knowledge of the industry. And most of all we make sure that research output is making an impact in the real world instead of it being published in solely academic magazines.

3. Our next business dream:

Recycle the output of Literature research in our information and programmes so we can actually learn from all the evidence-based information that is out there.

Life is simple, let’s keep it that way.

It is clear that we want to share the passion of this topic with the world. We like to make things as simple as possible for you and your loved ones. So that you can focus on staying healthy and making the most out of your everyday life living abroad.

And more importantly to be kind to yourself and others.


Hi, thanks for reading this!