How Women Living 

Abroad works 

Our goals 

We want to make it easier for ambitious women and their loved ones to live abroad. We believe that challenging yourself in life, taking risks and believing in yourself will set you up for success. We will support you in every way we can!  


  • Currently we are based in New Zealand, Canada, Spain and The Netherlands. 

  • We offer a selection of high quality professionals who are experienced in living abroad. You can pick your favorite.

  • We speak the following languages: Dutch, Spanish, English and German.

  • We offer coaching and guidance and take you through each step in the living abroad process. 


We pay special attention to themes like:


  • Family and career life cycle

  • Involvement in the decision-making process

  • Male spouses

  • Organizational support

  • Realistic expectations

  • Female careers

  • Relationship, communication, support between partners

At the moment the services we provide to achieve your goals are: 

Personal Coaching

During personal one-on-one coaching, you will learn the importance of managing expectations about living abroad in your personal and professional life and be equipped with tools to develop life saving skills.


We show you all the steps in the immigration process. 


scroll down to follow the steps in the process

WLA - workflow 2.png
Women Living Abroad.png

1. Start thinking about leaving?

​Together we are making the dream and the to do's explicit. 

Mother and Daughters

2. Decision Time

Pros and cons. Are we going or not?

Happy Friends

3. Pre-departure period

Lots of to do’s and saying goodbye.

4. New start

Start living! Confront culture without the burden of shock!

Essential tips for you and your loved ones to ride a less bumpy road. 

Pink Wall

5. Post -departure period

Adjusting and settling in. Bye bye honeymoon. This is the real every day life. 


Watch, do, and think in a new way – the local way


6.  Living the dream

Master your new life. Re-create the patterns you have at home.

7. To stay or to go?

Decision making time! Lot's of to do's and saying goodbye (again?)