You’re not alone. We’ve been there.

We know how you feel. We know how your partner feels. We know how your kids feel. 

Together we have heaps of experience and knowledge. 

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The first one 

Colette van Boxtel

Born in the Netherlands, Colette is an experienced expatriate who used to work in both South America and European countries before moving to New Zealand when her husband was transferred for work.


Though she finds living overseas “positively addictive,” she agrees that it’s a challenge.


“You need to be a quite adventurous and curious person,” says Colette. “If you don’t like a challenge then it can be difficult.


Afterall, you have to start over again each time: everything from finding a place to finding good bread, to not recognizing brands in the stores, to settling your kids and finding new friends.”

See more of Colette or send her an email:

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The second one

Ella Hanzon

Ella Hanzon is the co-founder of She is also born in The Netherlands, currently living in Canada where she moved about 10 years ago.

With her Project Management background she is an adamant planner and has experienced that communication is key in order to lead a successful project. Ella is passionate about helping women around the world following their careers abroad.


When she thinks about where will be in 3 years, she will be providing training globally to people and organizations. The outcome of providing excellent training and coaching services will be that the number of women moving abroad, pursuing their dreams, will increase tremendously each year. 

Contact her with any questions at:


The third one 

Fleur Betgem

After travelling the world with her partner and her backpack, she has a head full of knowledge of settling abroad. 

When you ask her about Women Living Abroad she will tell you that it will be everything a woman needs when the decision has been made to go abroad. “Exactly what I missed when I was preparing myself for the big step. Loads of other woman have gone through the same investigation. How come that there is no central point of information for this?”. “Well,” we said, “that’s exactly what we we’re thinking.” 


The fourth one 

Freddy ter Braak

As a born and bred Dutchie who grew up in Deventer, Freddy has had a successful career in improvement management, with time as a consultant and advisor with international organisations to improve culture, processes and performance of employees. 


As an applied philosopher his focus will be on the relation between individuals and society and the way they are orientating themselves in a complex and fast changing world.

With his knowledge and experience he will be able to help you with your orientation in your new role and career. 


But Freddy's true passion is in traveling and exploring the world. His special interest is the culture and social habits of people in everyday life.  "I love to spend time abroad and live and work within the locals' 





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