You’re not alone. We’ve been there.

We know how you feel. We know how your partner feels. We know how your kids feel. 

Meet the team: Together we have heaps of experience and knowledge. 

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Colette van Boxtel (NL/NZ)

Born in the Netherlands, Colette is an experienced expatriate who used to work in both South America and European countries before moving to New Zealand when her husband was transferred for work.


Though she finds living overseas “positively addictive,” she agrees that it’s a challenge.

“You need to be a quite adventurous and curious person,” says Colette. “If you don’t like a challenge then it can be difficult.


I really missed correct information and guidance along the road. I needed practical advice and support and couldn't find it anywhere. My mission is to make it easier for ambitious women to life abroad ”

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Ella Hanzon (NL/CAN)

Ella Hanzon is the co-founder of She is also born in The Netherlands, currently living in Canada where she moved about 10 years ago.

With her Project Management background she is an adamant planner and has experienced that communication is key in order to lead a successful project. Ella is passionate about helping women around the world following their careers abroad.


When she thinks about where will be in 3 years, she will be providing training globally to people and organizations. The outcome of providing excellent training and coaching services will be that the number of women moving abroad, pursuing their dreams, will increase tremendously each year. 

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Gabriela Encina

Gabriela is a licensed psychologist, MSc in Psychology and certified coach, with 15+ years of professional experience.


She provides counseling and coaching, having helped more than 300 expats from all around the world to cope with the challenges that expat life can bring.


Being an expat herself, she can understand what her clients are going through and provide them with the help and guidance they need to live a fulfilling life abroad, regain their confidence and self-esteem, build meaningful relationships and reduce stress and anxiety.


Her approach is mainly through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and aspects of Gestalt and Humanistic Therapy.   She also integrates tools from Coaching and Mentorship.


Gabriela is an advocate of difficult emotions, as all are useful and providers of information, and speaks the truth about the B-Side of Expat Life.

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Kate von Knobloch

Kate von Knobloch is a certified coach with a focus on Expat (Partner) Career Support.


Currently based in Germany, she has lived and worked in the UK, Spain, Taiwan, and the US. With her coaching services and publications on her website she aims to empower and support the millions of women worldwide who have been brave enough to exit the job market and try to re-enter abroad or after time spent abroad and/or with their family.

With a background in Digital Marketing & Business Development and climbing up the corporate ladder, she started her career as an Expat Career Coach after her personal experience as the Expat Partner in that field.


Expatriation can be a blessing or a disaster. It is her goal to turn expatriation into an eye-opening and empowering experience for Expats and Expat Partners worldwide. It is her strong belief that there is beauty in diversity and exploring the world but that especially women have to skill-up in terms of visibility and networking to master the beautiful journey of living abroad and succeed professionally.


Kate's coaching focuses on manifesting the big questions of WHO you are and WHAT you want in order to work on your professional communication with the world. 

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Rianne van Zalinge (NL /NZ)

Rianne has an MSc in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology, Diploma in Counseling and Coaching, both as a Life coach as well as an intercultural Coach. 

She completed her Master’s research at the University of Amsterdam. Her MSc thesis entitled “Where is Home? Dutch expatriate children return to the Netherlands”focussed on how children form their identity when they move abroad and then re-establish themselves when they return back to Holland. She has a passion for exploring the many issues faced by expatriates and their families when both relocating to foreign locations and also their re-adjustment when the expatriates return ‘home’ after a period of time. 


Due to her highly mobile upbringing, during which Rianne lived in 11 different countries and moved 22 times across 6 continents. She truly sees herself as global citizen. ' I made it my mision in life to help you find happiness and a sense of belonging whether it is in your work or home life'.

Currently, she resides in Christchurch, New Zealand, with her Australian/Greek husband and two sons.

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Rianne van Zalinge Women Living Abroad .



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